Toy Aussie Puppies are Growing Fast!

Daisy’s Toy Australian Shepherd puppies were 4 weeks old this past Sunday, and Dakota’s Toy Aussies are 2 weeks old tomorrow.  I expect Dakota’s pups to open their eyes in the next couple of days, and I will post pictures of the 3 boys that are available shortly after.

Daisy’s Toy Aussie puppies are growing fast and starting to develop the cutest little personalities.  Congratulations to Lori on reserving “Minnie,” one of Daisy’s Black Tri’s.  That just leaves 2 gals left from Daisy’s litter.  They will be available to go home October 9th, 2016.  Here are some updated pictures:

Elsa - AVAILABLE Currently has blue eyes $1250

Elsa – SOLD
Currently has blue eyes


Elsa View 2 – SOLD – Blue Merle Female




Bonnie - AVAILABLE Beautiful Copper Variation $750

Bonnie – SOLD
Beautiful Copper Variation


Bonnie View 2 – SOLD- Black Tri Female



















Remember we do have 3 more Toy Australian Shepherd puppies from Dakota and Buster – 2 blue merle boys and 1 black tri boy.  I will post pictures of them later in the week so stay tuned!

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