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August Toy Aussie Puppies are Here!

Dakota (11″/10 lb. blue-eyed red merle) and Daisy (12″/12 lb. blue-eyed blue merle) both had litters this month with Buster (11″/10 lbs. black tri) and they did AWESOME!  We have six puppies available right now from their litters.  Daisy’s 3 girls will be available to go home October 9, 2016.  Dakota’s 3 boys will be ready for their forever homes October 25th.  Here are Daisy’s 3-week pics:

Bonnie - Black Tri Female AVAILABLE $750

Bonnie – Black Tri Female SOLD

Elsa - Blue Merle Female (has 2 blue eyes right now) AVAILABLE $1500

Elsa – Blue Merle Female SOLD

Minnie - Black Tri Female - AVAILABLE $750

Minnie – Black Tri Female – SOLD


Dakota's Available Pups from her August 2016 Litter

Dakota’s Pups from her August 2016 Litter (1 week old – more pics to come!)

WE ARE NOW TAKING DEPOSITS ON THESE TOY AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES!  Reserve yours today by using the contact us form.

Toy Aussie Puppies Arriving in August 2016!

Both Daisy and Dakota are expecting litters in the next few weeks!  Daisy (blue-eyed blue merle female) is due the week of August 15th, 2016 and Dakota (one blue/one brown eyed red merle female) is due the following week.  Right now, they are enjoying pregnant life trying to stay out of the Texas heat and get lots of cuddles – Toy Australian Shepherds love to be active, but my mamas get so darn snuggly when they’re expecting babies.  I just love it!

If you would like to be put on the contact list for when the cute little Toy Aussie puppies arrive, just shoot me an email (vaughansbirds@yahoo.com) or use the Contact Us form.  If you’re looking for a particular coat color or sex, let me know that as well.  Once the babies are here, you will have the opportunity to submit a deposit to reserve your puppy!

Here’s a picture of Daisy’s last litter to fulfill your cuteness quota for the day:


Update on Spring Litters/Looking Ahead to Fall

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in my Spring 2016 litters.  The puppies have all found wonderful new homes.  We will be breeding again this summer and hope to have more puppies available late summer/early fall 2016.  Check back with us soon!


Three Week Old Toy Australian Shepherds are so Stinkin’ Cute!

Daisy’s Toy Australian Shepherd puppies are three weeks old tomorrow and they are just getting cuter and cuter by the minute!  They’re starting to find their legs and do a little exploring outside the whelping box!  We’ve had a lot of interest shown in this litter, but still have some without a deposit.  Contact me today to reserve one of these adorable Toy Aussie puppies!


Elsa – Blue Merle Female DEPOSIT PENDING


Elsa Again – Blue Merle Female DEPOSIT PENDING


Tiny Dancer - Blue Merle Female AVAILABLE $1250

Tiny Dancer – Blue Merle Female



Gorbie – Blue Merle Male AVAILABLE – $1000


Gorbie – Blue Merle Male AVAILABLE – $1000


Minnie – Black Tri Female SOLD to Melissa – Congrats!



Sharpie – Blue Merle Male AVAILABLE $1000

Daisy’s Babies are Two Weeks Old

Daisy’s Toy Aussie puppies will be two weeks old tomorrow and they are just gorgeous.   I saw the tiniest sliver of blue eyes looking back at me from one of the males this evening, so I’m hoping they’ll all be opening their eyes here in the next 24-48 hours.  In the mean time, though, here are some pictures from our first photo shoot of the Toy Australian Shepherd puppies from this litter that will be available.  (Warning:  Amateur Photographer Alert!)  🙂


Gorbie – Blue Merle Male $1000



Elsa – Blue Merle Female $1250



Sharpie – Blue Merle Male $1000



Tiny Dancer – Blue Merle Female $1250

These puppies above are out of Daisy, who is an 11″ tall 12-pound double blue-eyed Toy Australian Shepherd blue merle female and Buster, who is an 11″ tall 10-pound Toy Aussie black tri male.

And don’t forget sweet blue-eyed Harley from Dakota and Buster’s litter!  He will be available March 10th:


Harley – Double Blue-Eyed Blue Merle Male $1000

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Lucky Strait Toy Aussies!  We do have puppies available for sale – 2 blue merle females and 2 blue merle males.  Contact us today to reserve your Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy!


Harley is Available! $1000